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"20/20 Trial Vision"
Trial Tracking software for Seed Producers, Researchers and Dealers. Also visit 20/20 SeedNet.

"3 Millenium Technologies"

Internet services to rural and regional Australia based in Orange NSW; website establishment, creation, design, registration. e-commerce, e-business, authoring, business to business, and operational services. Small, medium and rural business specialities.

"Acs Computer Service"

Ration formulation software for livestock with special emphasis on dairy cattle.

"Adcon Telemetry"

Pest protection, ET model radio, telemetry devices, sensors and agriculture software.


Specializes in software for the feed and food industry.

"Ag Business Management"

Software programs for the fresh produce industry including Grower Accounting (Kool & Load) and Inventory Management

"Ag-data Australia"

Help desk services and corporate information from AG-DATA, Australia's leading indigenous producer of rural financial management software.


Ag Internet connect tool and CD-ROM with over 7,000 full-screen images of weeds, insects and crop diseases. Also contains study material for CCA Exam.


GIS/GPS software for precision agriculture.


Software & hardware for agriculture service.

"Agrarisch Telematica"

The Agricultural Telematics Centre (ATC) has in recent years become an expert in the areas of standardisation, chain management and information technology stimulation in the Netherlands.

"Agri Marketing"

We can make your web site come alive, with special effects, such as video, \nmusic, voice, flash, shockwave, multimedia, 3D effects animation, and interactive forms.

"Agri-Data Systems Inc."

Software supplier of least cost formulation systems for animal and pet food manufacturers and suppliers.

"Agri-Education Inc."

Provides educational software and curriculum in agriculture.

"Agri-Web Services"

Agri-web Internet Services. Web site design, hosting, and marketing


Agricomm Agricultural Communications on the Internet

"Agricultural Software Consultant Inc."

Agricultural Software Consultants, Inc. (ASC) was founded in 1979 for the purpose of writing and selling microcomputer programs for agriculture and industry.


AgriFACT is computer software that provides complete management for commodity traders.

"Agrilogic Inc."

Offers AgDynamics and PortfolioVision, risk management software.


Easy to use GPS mapping software. While geared toward farming & crop insurance.


Visit AgriOne to find out more about Real-Time Commodity Marketing' and custom designed websites and hosting services.


Agriplan 2000 Ltd Software solutions for commerce and agriculture

"Agris Co."

AGRIS is the largest provider of agribusines software in the Untied States.The company provides centralized data management services, computer hardware, communication products, and information systems for accounting, agronomic and precision farming.

"AgriSoft Systems"

Management information system for oil palm estates focusing on agronomy data per block and year.


Whatever your financial needs or ambitions, AgriSolutions is ready to help.


Software incorporating aerial imagery for agricultural management by zone.


We've added 13 sites Since Jan. 29th 1998! Welcome to Agriusa! Equipment & Supplies Farm Chemicals Farm Markets Farm Organizations Fertilizer

"AgriWeb Design"

Web page design for individuals and businesses involved in agriculture


System of agriculture information.

"Agronomix Software Inc."

The software solution for Plant Breeders and Agronomists around the world.

"Agronomy Service Bureau"

Makers of AgInfo software and other precision agriculture tools.

"Agrosoft A/S"

Welcome to AgroSoft on the internet....home of the best expert agricultural software.

"Agry Bytes Farm Software"

Specialised Accounting , Arable , Livestock Software


School for agriculture training.

"AgVantage Soft."

Software and hardware for agricultural products.


AgView is a software solution to precision agriculture which integrates geographic information system, global positioning system, and variable rate technology.


AgVision is an industry leader in designing powerful and efficient accounting and inventory management software for agribusinesses


Computer ag-software and hardware


Specializes in aquatic world products (aquaculture, fisheries, limnology, maritime heritage, oceanography) including books, software, videos, equipment, seafood and more.


Dedicated to the research and development of new and innovative Software Solutions for the Crop Insurance Industry.

"Assisi Software Co."

Offers Assisi Forest 98, a forestry simulation program for simulating tree growth, forestry management, and cash flow.


BisonPro is bison herd management agricultural software developed specifically to meet the needs of the Bison industry


Improving your herd just got a little easier! As a Holstein breeder, you know how important it is to keep current on today's breed-leading sires.

"Bunny Master"

Complete Rabbitry Management Software Bunny Master is one of the first rabbitry management programs. Many others have come and gone since the software was first released in 1989

"Byd Software"

Equine software that keeps track of everyday records for your needs. As well as web page development, hosting and advertising on the internet.

"C.H.E.S.S. Inc."

Consulting Hydrogeology & Environmental Software Services.

"Capterras Agribusiness Software Directory"

Free directory of agribusiness software vendors and products. Resources and guidance help you select software.

"Cascade Solutions"

Developers of irrigation scheduling systems featuring Prism software and Troxler's soil moisture probes.


Provides software services and maintains a database of agricultural chemical label, MSDS, WPS, and DOT information from 71 chemical manufacturers.

"Central Communication Corporation"

Providers of software and Internet services to help agricultural equipment dealers utilize the potential of on-line markets.

"Climate Control Systems Inc."

Manufactures process control computers and software for greenhouse environment control.

"Computer System Planning"

We've been in Agriculture since 1979; \ncomputers and software since 1989. Together, they form a foundation of experience that allows us to meet your needs.

"Cornerstone Educational Services"

Provides accounting solutions and software for profitable farms.

"Country Sotf Pty. Ltd."

Distributors of agricultural accounting and paddock recording software. DOS and Windows based software.

"Country Wise"

Specialising in bringing the World's leading production and financial software to farmers everywhere

"Countryside Data"

Specialists in agriculture and small business financial and field management software


Bovine health monitoring system

"Cyr Design"

CYR Design

"D.R. Systems Inc."

Providing software solutions and consulting.

"Dairy Records Management"

Dairy Records Management Systems processes records for DHIA organizations. We also provide dairy software for on farm use, as well as for dairy consultants.


Welcome to Dalex Computer Systems, the leading software development companyfor the Animal Feed Industry

"Datag Ltd."

We specialise in providing easy to use, effective software for the first time user with programs ranging from Farm Accounts, livestock and arable management to a market leading suite of Dairy Farm Costings and Farm Planning software.

"Datalux Co."

Ruggedized and Compact Computer Systems Mfr. - Unique workstations specially designed for Healthcare, Mobile, Light Industrial, and Point of Sale.


Datatech develops specialized accounting software for several segments of the ag industry, including growers, labor contractors, produce shippers and brokers, and dried fruit and nut packers.


Developers of the only available full-function, Windows-based, Client/Server commodity management application for the grain and food processing industries.


The PLUS System' called DHI-PLUS, helps both large and small dairies manage hundreds of thousands of cows each month. DHI-PLUS is one of the excellent products available from DHI-Provo.

"Di-Man Dairy Soft"

Dairy Herd Management Software designed for Windows. Track Health, Lactation, Calvings plus more. Decrease your expenses by catching those problem cows through the use of DairySft's Herd Health work sheets

"Diamond Soft."

The Farmer's Bookkeeper combines field, cattle, and financial records all in one package. The MicroAccountant for Flyers has been designed specifically for ag flying services.

"Digipac Microcomputer Software"

Software for accounting, field, asset and herd management.

"Doane Agricultural Services"

Provider of marketing and management information and advice for agricultural products and agribusinesses. Includes a software division.

"DVS Systems"

Pest control and lawn service software.

"Easy Systems Inc."

Transferring you to our new corporate server: www.easysystemsinc.com

"EasyKeeper Equestrian Soft."

Managing all of the information for your's horse success.


Ag credit & production analysis software.


The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide to our \ncustomers. We've provided a number of resources here to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest \nimprovements to our products and services.

"Edc Computers"

Programming Div., EDC ComputerS, Inc. Specialty: Controlling Equipment through serial port communications based on Location (GPS) and Map (GIS) inputs

"Edcs Inc."

Welcome to the Essential Data Control Systems Inc. Web site. Feel free to browse our pages for the latest information on our products and services.

"Eldar Shany"

Manufacturer of computerized control systems for agriculture.

"Electric Mulch"

The most comprehensive gardening reference on CD-ROM. Over 14,000 pages of practical horticultural information.


Designs electronic control systems, including all relevant software, for vision applications. specializes in electronic fruit sizers.

"Envoy Data Corp."

Welcome to Envoy Data's products online for 2000. We are a technical distributor concentrating on PC Card products.

"Equine Net"

Would you like to have your own website? We provide an economical way to get your small business on the internet. Click to see some of our customers.

"Equine Web Design"

Equine Web Design - The Original! Web site design for the horse and horseman. Farm and ranch sites, stallion promotion, production sales, online catalogs.


The best ISP for service, support, speed, e-commerce, Internet marketing and promotion

"Fairport technologies"

Fairport is an Australian based company developing quality software predominantly for the agricultural and horticultural industries.

"Famous Home Page"

Quality accounting software for growers, packers, shippers, brokers, and wholesalers of produce.

"Fancom Bv"

Fancom B.V. in Panningen, the Netherlands is a nationally and internationally operating company, specialized in the development and manufacture of agro-computer systems.

"Farm Assist"

Farm-Assist is a software that helps farmers record pesticide and fertilizer inputs, weather conditions, irrigation, seasonal performance and profitability;

"Farm Files"

Farm software that tracks harvest data, chemicals, fertilizer, planting, tillage, expenses, income, and field mapping.

"Farm Software"

Tracks farm records, field mapping, grain contracts, and commercial trucking.

"Farm Tracker"

An integrated paddock and stock production recording, monitoring and planning computer program, designed and developed for all farming conditions.

"Farm Works"

Windows-based agricultural software company. Farm accounting, field mapping, crop records, livestock records.


Agricultural Software specializing in Farm & Ranch Accounting Software as Low as $149.

"Farmer's Association Software"

Provides systems for harvest processing, yield monitoring, and precision agriculture.

"Farmplan Inc."

Hardware and software for the agricultural industry.


We are an exciting new company that's working with the internet to provide better services to the Agricultural Sector.

"Field Track"

Computer Consultant/Programmer/Freelance Writer. Agriculture a specialty. Shareware/Freeware field recording application on site.

"Field Worker"

FieldWorker offers a full range of in-field data collection software linked to the positioning information of GPS.

"Field Works"

Rugged mobile computing solutions provider. Manufacturer of rugged mobile computing platforms.

"Fintrac Inc."

Fintrac provides market research and technical services to agribusiness, governments, and associations worldwide.

"Flagship Technologies"

Flagship Technologies, Inc. - Agricultural software for Quicken/QuickBooks, and commodity marketing

"Fondriest Environmental"

Farm management software and monitoring systems for controlled environment agri-business including aquaculture, greenhouse, and hydroponics.

"Forest Biometrics"

The purpose of this web is to enhance Forest Biometrics support services and to provide a platform for continuing education and technical development in forest biometrics methods.


Develops software and systems for operating, monitoring and controlling greenhouses, fish farms and dairy farm feeding.


Gylling Data Management, Inc. Our primary focus is to create, market, and support windows based computer software for managing agricultural research trials (experiments) primarily concerned with controlling agricultural pests. In business since 1982,

"GeoFocus Inc."

Provides GIS and GPS applications, software, consulting, and services for agriculture, transportation, public transit, utility, and wastewater markets.

"Gladstone Inc."

ShoWorks, fair management software for livestock and arts & crafts shows and expositions. Exhibitor and entry management and accounting recordkeeping.

"Grain Management Software"

Down to the last Grain! The Software solution for your Elevator

"Great Plain Analysis"

Great Plains Analysis Provides a unique service for clients who are interested in agricultural markets of the U.S.A. Specializes in data presentation formats that simplify a seemingly complicated picture.

"Greenhat Software"

Simulation modeling software for plant, crop and soil sciences.


Maker of hydroponics gardens, growlights, and software for enthusiasts and commercial growers.

"H.M. Boot"

The UK's Number 1 On Farm System Buy BOOT when only the best will do - it's cheaper than being sorry

"HarvestMaster Inc."

Information machines for agriculture.

"Heartland Technologies Inc."

Computer Data Management


Software, HeatWatch, monitors heat detection.

"Herd-Pro Software"

Dairy herd management software package for Windows.

"HorseTrak Software"

Horsetrak Software is a complete, affordable equine management software for the individual horse owner, medium size training, breeding or boarding operation and/or a the large equine enterprise.


The Agri-I.T. Centre in Ireland Welcome to the home page of Info-Net Specialists in I.T. solutions for Agriculture


Agricultural resource for Idaho, including published articles and an online catalog with 700 publications, videos and software programs.


Management software for the forest products industry.

"Infrasoft International"

Welcome to Infrasoft International, LLC ISI is a division of Foss Tecator, providing software for VIS-NIR analysis of agriculture & food products.

"Innotag Inc."

Precision farming, water management and crop protection.

"Jason's Agri-Net"

Welcome to Jason's Agri-Net My name is Jason Portner. I specialize in helping Agricultural businesses and organizations create and maintain Internet home pages that are related to the agricultural industry.

"Kelly Systems Inc."

Providing manufacturing systems consulting, software design and network support. Offering plant-wide solutions for particleboard, MDF, and wood products businesses.

"Keltec Systems Inc."

Offers animal and crop management software.

"Kirkey Associates Inc."

Agricultural software for produce growers, packers, shippers, distributors, brokers, and sales agenci

"KM Web Design"

Stevens Farm and Webdesign we build WEBSITES. Let us help you get a spot on the Web. WE DESIGN IT RIGHT!!


The most easy to use and the most comprehensive herd management software for Llama and Alpaca breeders and owners on the market today. Written by a camelid breeder for camelid breeders.

"Landview Systems"

Home Page for BCL Landview Systems Inc.


Croplands - the System is a GIS enabled software solution designed through intensive research and in-field development with industry leaders.

"Linx Systems"


Software for nurseries, gardencenters en greentraders.

"M-Tech Int."

Software modules for broilers, layers, breeders, processing and HACCP

"Meister Pro"

Reference books and software covering agricultural chemicals. Titles include Farm Chemicals Handbook, Insect Control Guide, and Weed Control Manual.


Microfarm are busy designing and developing a suite of software for the farmer (fruit, vineyard, vegetable, wheat and livestock farmer)


MicroImages, Inc., advanced software for geospatial analysis. Corporate and product information for the TNT professional and free TNTlite software products for GIS, image processing and geospatial data analysis.

"Midwest MicoSystem L.L.C."

Cow Sense Herd Management Software. A data management program for beef cow calf operations. Maintains herd inventory, conducts production performance analysis, allows comprehensive reporting.

"Newline Asp"

Newline Auction System Providers are at the cutting edge of their industry and have been for 15 years. This small team are specialists in the field of automating Livestock markets.


The leading supplier of information services and products to the livestock farming industry in the UK.

"Nutrient Solution"

Specializing in bringing the latest technology to today's farmers and ag-business people.


Least cost feed formulation programs for Windows in Spanish.


At Oarsman Corporation we take great pride in being able to supply top quality software development services at very reasonable rates.

"One Globe Marketing"

One Globe Marketing helps companies establish a successful Internet presence. We specialize in professional design, custom search engines, interactive databases, Cold Fusion.

"Orange Enterprises Inc."

Integrating Software Expertise in Agricultural and Urban Management!


To do so, PATLQ emphasizes continuing education of its personnel as well as that of its customers. PATLQ also supports the Canadian Dairy industry through its involvement in projects at national and international levels.


Developers of LogiVert, a software suite for nurseries, green-traders, and garden centers.

"Pear Technology"

Easy to use comprehensive software for Crop Management/Assurance, Agronomy, Farm/Estate Mapping.

"Pig Champ"

The PigCHAMP Knowledge Farm is the online homestead for PigCHAMP Inc. On this farm \nyou can find information about the PigCHAMP software program, a computerized recordkeeping system for swine herds.


Produces horticultural-themed software and reference books. Site provides searches or listings for plant names, trade shows, associations, and other gardening resources.


Makers of Plantgro, a software package that helps users to predict the growth of crops, trees etc. in different environmental conditions.

"Porter Engineering Ltd"

Offers equipment engineering services for the forest industry, including log scanning and optimization equipment for sawmills and software for bucking systems.

"Possum Gully Software"

Computer software for feedlots, cattle fatteners and commercial cattle breeders.

"Practical Systems Armidale"

Practical Systems is a leader in PC-based software tailored to the needs of the Australian farming community

"Primus Partners Inc."

Offer log procurement and inventory management software. Also provides scale ticket entry software.

"Propack Software"

Provides computer solutions, software systems, networking, Internet development and support for the produce and agribusiness industries.

"Propak Software"

Central Florida Business Solutions. Creators of Citrus Pro, CFBS Web Design, and other agriculture-related business software.


Software for agricultures(farmers), baker and miller


Custom software for the agrarian industry.

"Ranch Vision"

Ranch Vision is the first ranch management software that brings the technology used by Fortune 500 companies, to the grazing livestock industry.


RAPS (software) - Resource Assessment and Management Support for Pastoral Farming Systems. A unique and sophisticated package offering a new approach to pastoral resource assessmen

"Rds Technology"

Manufacturers of electronic measurement, monitoring and control systems for off-highway vehicles.

"Red Hen Systems Inc."

Builders of High Quality Tools for Site-Specific Farming

"Red Wing"

Accounting Software Solutions for Growing Small Businesses.

"Request Ltd."

We have global expertise in designing/maintaining leading edge Internet.

"REsource Economics Inc."

Forest industry consultants, providing resource based economic analysis and forecasting.

"Rfb II Custom Solution Inc."

Information control systems for produce and agriculture. Fruit, vegetable, grain, greenhouse, dairy, swine and poultry. Programs for growers, packers, shippers and brokers. Also fertilizer and chemical dealer and user programs.

"Rinex Technology"

Precision farming consultants, yield mapping service, software for the Australian agriculture industry.

"Rural Life"

RuraLife Internet Gateway is an Internet Service Provider serving Central Pennsylvania. We offer Internet Access, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, and more at very competitive prices

"Saltbush Ag Software"

Saltbush Agricultural Software develops, supports and maintains on-farm computer software for the rural industry. All products are Year 2000 Compliant.


Farm financial software.

"Sierra Computer Solutions"

Sierra Computer Solutions provides computer products and services to the Southwest ag and cattle industry. SCS resells Cattlepro 2000 herd record & mangement software and Ranch Vision Software. Sierra also provides web design and web hosting.

"Siga Technologies Inc."

Offers bilingual (French/English) farm management software which contains accounting, crops, dairy, and ration balancing components, among others.

"Silver Creek Software"

Accounting software for distributors, growers, shippers, brokers, and others in the fresh produce industry.


CattleRation: cattle nutrition software and OviRation: sheep nutrition software for Windows.

"Softree Engineering Software"

Software for surveying, mapping and road design.

"Software Solution Of Illinois"

Integrated software systems for the agriculture and trucking industries.

"Southeastern Consulting Service"

Consulting firm providing timber marketing, contract land management, investment analysis, gis/gps services, and custom software.

"Spokane Software"

Agricultural software solutions for packers, shippers and growers.


Agricultural GIS software designed to help producers make better crop management decisions. Developed the SST Information Lab Program to give low-cost access to Precision Farming Technologies.


Studfax PC program for performance recording of all types of livestock

"Sunrise System"

Agricultural Computer and Training Specialists. Obtain Independent advice and details of crop mananagement and livestock systems. Complete range of Computer Training courses available.


Home site of texagnet, a commerical web design and web hosting service dedicated to agriculture and its related industries.

"The Nichols Connection"

Equine Business Software. Programs for the one horse owner to the elaborate breeding, training, or racing facility. We are the leading equine business software distributor on the internet.

"Thorsys Australia Pty."

Design and development of customised information technology solutions for the Food Processing Industry.

"Trigeo Inc."

TriGeo, Inc. creates unique talking weather software for the agricultural world. The agricultural edition of Weather Web Talker provides farmers with valuable weather information that is easily accessed.

"Trims Software"

The Software Tool that has been Improving Productivity and Efficiency for Country Clubs, Resorts, Municipalities, Universities, Recreation Facilities, Parks, and Business Campuses Around the World for Over a Decade!


The ultimate in equine management software. GET ORGANIZED with this comprehensive software application. EDMS is an in depth management, billing and recordkeeping program for your equine, veterinary, breeding or training operation.


#1 choice of dairymen leading the way with… on farm, innovative dairy management software that offers: point and click entry and recall to manage your herd. Record, organize and analyze your \nherd information using VAMPP.


Software fo agriculture.


The Pony Express to the Internet, provides Web Page Design, Web Hosting, \npromotion, guestbook, banner exchange and other Software Services. Specialists in Equine and Small Business needs on the Net.

"Wil-Tech Software Ltd."

Specializing in software for agriculture and education.


Developers of Australian-made ISP billing software.

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