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"4 Seasons Crop Care Inc."
Specialty fertilizer supplier to the homeowner, lawn and garden shops, and turf businesses. Fertilizers, seeds and soil testing services for the serious gardener and garden shop owner.

"Agri-Growth International Inc."

Environment safe, natural certified organic fertilizers and growing products for horticultural, hydroponics, agricultural and gardening applications.

"Agrium Inc."

producer and marketer of fertilizers and related products and services worldwide.

"Agro inputs Manufacturer"

Offers organic manure, urea coating agent, bio repellants, bio fertilizers - liquid, bio fertilizers - granules, plant food, seed coating, soil conditioner, cattle proteins and feed supplement, garden special- plant food, nimoxa.

"Agrofill Srl - Fertilizers"

Agrofill produces simple and compound fertilizers, phytostimulants, nutritional activators etc.Based in Italy and exporting worldwide.

"Alfredo Iñesta, S.L."

offers organic fertilizers, amioacids, foliar fertilizers, and lack correctors.

"Antec International Ltd."

manufactures disinfectants, insecticides, sanitizers, and veterinary supplies for the agriculture and horticulture markets.

"ARS chemical Ltd."

Specializes in the manufacture of insecticides; products include mosquito coils, liquids and sprays, and rat poison. (Thailand)

"Atlantic Pty Ltd"

Supplies organic insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers, and crop sprays to the floriculture, agriculture, intensive horticulture and orchard industries.

"Bicco Agro Products"

offers bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and micronutrients.

"Bio Turf Gro"

probiotic fertilizers.

"Bios Agriculture"

Bios Agriculture produces biological products that aid seed germination and crop growth.

"CIC Agri Business"

Offers production and marketing of fertilizers, agri biotech, and seeds.

"Circle One INT. Inc."

Manufacturer of natural and organic fertilizers, biological insecticides, seaweed, fish emulsion, and humic acids for sustainable agriculture, home lawn and garden.

"CMB Resources"

evaluation of farm and ranch properties for improved production.

"Donovan Brown & Associates"

source for citrus juices and agricultural machinery.

"Dynamite Plant Food"

time-release fertilizer that provides the proper amount of nutrients, dispersed evenly over a six month period of time.

"Even Spray"

Distributors of sprayers, irrigation, pressure washers, fertilizers, & sprayer parts.

"Fax S.A."

leader in fertlizers, pest control systems, herbicides, plant growing regulators.


Manufacturers of Sta-Green, Greenskote, Parker, TruGreen and other fertilizers, plant food, weed killers, insecticides, and more.

"Green Mountain Co. Ltd."

Products include pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, planting media, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

"Greentek Pest Services Inc."

Offers indoor and outdoor residential pest control services. Also installs irrigation systems.

"Growing Solutions"

Growing Solutions distributes products integral to using compost tea in organic farming, turf management, pest management and sustainable agriculture.

"Hefty seed Co."

Offering Ag chemicals, equipment, fertilizer, and seed.

"Industrial Grain Products"

manufacturer of specialty binders used to agglomerate feeds, minerals, ceramics, fertilizers, foundry sands and other such materials.

"Kugler Company"

Kugler Company is the innovator in liquid fertilizer technology and specializes in manufacturing quality fertilizer.

"Managing Director"

Producer and supplier of various fertilizers

"Marion Ag. Service, Inc."

Products include fertilizers, feed, and seeds.

"Novartis Crop Protection, Inc."

Supplier of agricultural chemicals, including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seed treatment, and turf and ornamental products.

"Peaceful Valley Farm Supply"

Offering a selection of tools, fertilizers, structures, seeds, bulbs, and more for organic growers.

"PowerRich Corporation"

Your Complete Nutrient Fertilizer Corporation.

"Products from Poulenger USA, Inc."

Poulenger manufactures wetting agents, surfactants, drift control products, adjuvants, soil penetrants, moisture management products, seed encapsulants, organic nematode suppressants, biostimulants and biostimulants with mycorrhizae.

"Shangyuchem-Expert on peroxides"

Your reliable world business partner. Produces and markets oxygen bleaching chemicals, oxygen releasing chemicals and groundwater remediation chemicals.

"Shaw's Knox Fertilizer"

providing fertilizer and control products for home, garden, golf management, and corporate uses.

"Soil Technologies"

Soil Technologies Corporation has been a pioneer in the development, manufacture and marketing of biorational pest management and plant growth promoting products used in agricultural and horticultural crop production.

"Southern Agriculture Insecticides Inc."

Fertlizers and pesticides for gardens, farms, greenhouses, and golf courses, as well as AG-related links.

"St. Paul feed & supply Inc."

Products include fertilizers, feed, and seeds.

"Sulky Burel"

Specializing in seed sowing and fertilizing.

"Terra Industries Inc."

marketer and producer of crop inputs - nitrogen fertilizer, crop protection products, seed and services.


Our abrasive beams scratch and inoculate targeted plants with minute amounts of undiluted herbicides. The most rugged weeds die first. WeedSweep brush applicators can kill all vegetation.

"Yetter Farm Equipment"

Makers of products for creating seedbeds with coulter technology, managing residue, fertilizing into the root zone, and handling seed.

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