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"20/20 Seed Labs Ltd."
Private, independent Canadian seed testing laboratory offering services for both domestic and export markets.

"4 Seasons Crop Care Inc."

Specialty fertilizer supplier to the homeowner, lawn and garden shops, and turf businesses. Fertilizers, seeds and soil testing services for the serious gardener and garden shop owner.

"AB Annand"

Serving seed and produce customers.


Suppliers of herbage seeds that enhance productivity in grasslands-based animal nutrition.


develops, produces, and markets hybrid seed corn.

"Agrisales, Inc."

home of Agriset seed and distributor for major vegetable seed producers.

"Albert Lea Seed House"

independent wholy owned seed company specializing in a wide selection of seed grains and soybeans to retail and wholesale markets.

"Albright Seed Company"

includes information on plant science, turf grass, wildflowers, beneficial fungi, fertilizers, and more.

"American Ag-Tec International, Ltd"

Working specifically in genetic development and biotechnology, seed production, technology transfer and licensing and agricultural production.

"Ampac Seed Company"

supplier of turfgrass and forage seeds, and wildflowers; provides contract production, varietal acquisition, and grass seed distribution.

"Anderson Clayton Corp."

ginning, warehousing, oil mills, seed sales, merchandising, grower financing, and crop insurance for the cotton industry.

"Angelgrove Tree Seed Company"

offering tree seeds exclusively suited for the North American climate.

"AVT Biotechnology"

Produces and exports commercial plant tissue culture of date palms, flowers, fruits, foliage plants, and specialty crops

"B.B.I. - Agricultural Technologies Development And Applications"

Israeli agriculture technology company specializing in the greenhouse propagation of seedlings from tissue-cultures.

"Backman Seeds"

Process and condition organic seeds. Sell corn, soybean, and wheat seed.

"Barenbrug UK"

Supplier and distributor of grass seeds to the amenity and agriculture sectors.

"Bethlehem Seed Company"

offers colorful varieties for edible landscaping.

"Bibby Ireland"

National compounder of animal feedingstuffs producing rations for all classes of livestock together with silage additives and grass-seed through the UK and Ireland.

"BO-JAC seed Co."

Order seed, find out about hybrids, current commodities, and corn belt weather.

"Bo-Jac Seed Company"

Order seed, find out about hybrids, current commodities, and corn belt weather.

"Borghese Gardens"

importing and distributing rare seeds. Offering catalog and mail order services.

"Canterra Seeds Ltd."

specializing in certified canola, wheat, oats, peas, beans, and hemp pedigreed seed.

"Carter Seeds"

supplier of wholesale seeds.

"Cascade International Seed Company"

seed research and production.

"CEMRE Ltd."

Specializing in the manufacturing and export of dried fruits, edible nuts, pulses, spices & seeds.

"Ching Long Seeds Co."

Offers cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

"CIC Agri Business"

Offers production and marketing of fertilizers, agri biotech, and seeds.

"Circle One INT. Inc."

Manufacturer of natural and organic fertilizers, biological insecticides, seaweed, fish emulsion, and humic acids for sustainable agriculture, home lawn and garden.

"Cloutier Agra seeds Inc."

Exporter and importer of all types of grains.

"Coastal Hydro Seeding Services"

wildflower and lawn hydro seeding services as well as houseplant and wildflower seeds.

"Commercial Sprouting Seed, Equipment and Supplies"

Everything for commercial sprout production. including sprouting seed, sprout equipment and supplies for seed sprouts such as alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts and broccoli sprouts.

"Cook''s Garden"

offering traditional and hybrid vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Also has gardening supplies, books and helpful information.

"Cultiva Marker"

Makes products for precision agriculture, including Marker, a guidance product that helps farmers apply seed, nutrients, and pesticides efficiently.

"Curry Seed Company"

providing conventional and genetically engineered hybrid products.

"Cutter aspargus seed Co."

Specializing in hybrid asparagus seed production.

"D.E.F Seeds"

producer of agricultural seed products including corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa.

"Daniels Plant Food"

Seed extract concentrate plant food.

"DEKALB Genetics Corporation"

researcher/producer/marketer of hybrid corn, sorghum, sunflowers, varietal soybean & alfalfa seed.

"Delta King seed Co."

Markets primarily hybrid corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

"Dick Bedington Farms"

Growers and shippers of certified limited generation seed potatoes.

"Dominion seed house"

Mail-order horticulture catalog featuring seeds, flowers, annuals, and accessories.

"Dowdeswell's Delphiniums"

Includes history and growing information of delphiniums.Offering fresh delphinium seeds worldwide.

"Dubrovsky Ltd."

An Israeli exporter company of different kinds of vegetable seeds.

"Eagle Seeds & Biotech Ltd."

Leading producers and marketers of soybean, wheat, research hybrid cotton, corn, pulses, oilseeds and hybrid vegetable seeds in India.

"East Texas Seed Co."

Supplies deer plot, wildflower, forage, AU vetch, and clover seeds for agricultural, turf, and wildlife habitat specifications.

"Ethnobotany: world Herb-shop"

Sells herbs, herbal products, oils, and rare ethnobotanical seeds and plants.

"F.W. Rickard Seed"

produces and markets blue star tobacco seed, and offers farm tours.

"Fairbanks Selected Seed Company Pty Ltd"

seed wholesalers and retailers with an office in the Fresh Centre in Melbourne and agents Australia wide.

"Feel the need for seed!"

Sells open-pollinated, heirloom seed adapted to cold, short seasons. International Seed Saving Institute educates about conservation of plant genetic resources and seed saving.


Manufacturers of Sta-Green, Greenskote, Parker, TruGreen and other fertilizers, plant food, weed killers, insecticides, and more.

"Fielder's Choice Direct"

offering hybrid seed corn, information, news and agriculture consultants.

"Friendly Acres Seed Farm"

Growers and retailers specializing in oat production, as well as, wheat, canola, flax, forages, and barley.

"Garst Seed Company"

offering corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and sorghum.

"Granite Seed"

inventory of native and domesticated grass, turfgrass, wildflower and shrub seed.

"Green Mountain Co. Ltd."

Products include pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, planting media, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.


research facility devoted to seed treatment technology.

"Harris Moran Seed Company"

professional vegetable seed.

"Hazera Quality Seeds"

Breeder, producer and exporter of vegetable and field crop seeds.

"Hefty seed Co."

Offering Ag chemicals, equipment, fertilizer, and seed.

"Heinz Tomato Seed"

Processing tomato seed specialists at "HEINZSEED" create hybrid tomato seed for the global processing industry.

"Hoti Int."

Selling seeds, foodstuff and Agro/Horti turn-key projects.

"Howe Seeds"

Company based in South Dakota, USA grows and sells a wide variety of crops including flaxseed, oat, soybean, rye and barley. Includes articles and recipes.

"Hughes Hybrids, Inc"

produces and markets hybrid seed corn for northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa.

"Indo-America Hybrid seeds"

Manufactures hybrid vegetable seeds, flower seeds, oil seeds, and more.

"Integrity Seed"

Offers professional seed cleaning.

"Izmir Poppy Co."

Offers cold pressed poppy seed oil, selected poppy seed varieties, and dried seed pods.


world wide import/export trade company of seed potatoes, potatoes, fruit, vegetables and garlic.

"Kitchen Seed Company, Inc."

KSC sells all types of Illini XTRA-Sweet sweet corn hybrids.

"Knight Seed Company"

domestic and international merchandisers of: bird food, millet, sorghum, safflower, sunflower, nigerseed, peas, edible soybeans, hemp, dried beans and organic foodstuffs.

"Lyons Alfalfa seed"

Growing seed for the American alfalfa forage market.

"Manjushree Plantations"

Producer and exporter of tea, coffee, cardamom, roses and hybrid seeds from India.

"Marion Ag. Service, Inc."

Products include fertilizers, feed, and seeds.

"Mark Seed Company"

product information including corn, soybean, alfalfa, and grasses. Also Mark CRP, ISU Corn Trials, and ISU Soybean Trials.

"Martinez Farms"

producer of limited generation certified potato seed.

"Mid-South Forest Seed"

offers a variety of oak and hickory seeds.

"Midwest Seed Genetics"

corn, alfalfa, soybean, and grain sorghum seed company offering experienced product development and technical service personnel.

"Monterey Seed Company"

engaged in commercial research, production, conditioning and marketing of hybrid corn, grain sorghum, sunflower, and forage planting seed.

"Musgrave Seed Farm"

registered seed specializing in triticale, oat groats, oats, buckwheat, peas, silage, rye, canola, flax, white oats, red oats, wheat and barley.

"Mycogen Corporation"

develops and markets seeds and value-added traits for genetically enhanced crops and provides crop protection products and services.

"Nature Mark potatoes"

Offers seed potatoes enhanced through plant biotechnology.


offers corn seed.

"Novartis Crop Protection, Inc."

Supplier of agricultural chemicals, including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seed treatment, and turf and ornamental products.

"Oklahoma Foundation Seed Stocks, Inc."

distributor of certified seed.

"Pacific Seeds"

researches and breeds seed of tropical baby and sweet corn, sunflower, canola, grain sorghum, and forage crops.

"Parkinson Seed Farm"

details about the operation as well as potato seed.

"Peaceful Valley Farm Supply"

Offering a selection of tools, fertilizers, structures, seeds, bulbs, and more for organic growers.

"Pioneer Hi-Bred Ltd."

Leading the world in agricultural products and information.

"Prestige Limousin Cattle Co."

Registered Limousin breeder using genetics not cosmetics seedstock. semen, embryos, clubcalves, and replacement heifers and cattle by private treaty.

"Proven seed"

News, variety descriptions, local performance check results and the variety selection program.

"Rex Seed Co."

Tomato and Chinese vegetable seeds.

"Ronaash Rootrainers"

Features rootrainers, a container system for the propagation of seeds and cuttings.

"S&G Flowers"

S&G is the flower brand of Syngenta and provides genetics to the ornamental industry.

"sachin oil industries"

Manufacturer & exporter-importer of all type of oils, oilseeds, oil cakes in india & abroad \n{specially cottonseeds & groundnut}

"Samen Mauser AG"

flower & vegetable breeding & seed production & distribution, worldwide

"Santa Helena Sements Ltd."

Plant breeding and seed production: corn, sorghum, rice and tropical pastureland.

"Seed Guys"

We provide a variety of wildlife plot, wildflower, and grass seed mixes specifically formulated for the Midwest.


Offers harvest palm tree and cycad seeds.

"Seeds of change garden"

Children can explore the history of agriculture and the effects of the Columbian Exchange by planting a 'Seeds of Change Garden' containing New World, Old World, and Exchange plants.

"Seedway Inc"

line of commercial vegetable, forage, grain, and turf seeds.

"Sharp Bros seed Co."

Native grass and wildflower seeds for farms, landscape projects, conservation and preservation, and ranch lands.

"Shores Sales Co."

Provides moisture tester sales and service, serving the grain, seed, milling, processing, and farm markets.

"Siegers Seed Company"

distributes seed to commercial growers of fresh market vegetables.


Potato seed importer.

"Soli Ltd."

Specializes in greenhouse turn-key projects as well as vegetable seed production.

"St. Paul feed & supply Inc."

Products include fertilizers, feed, and seeds.

"Stauffer Seeds"

Offers a variety of hybrid seeds.

"Stine Seed Company"

plant breeding and biotechnology for higher yielding seed corn, soybean seed, and wheat seed.

"Stone Seed Farms"

seed corn company specializing in high cycle seeds, soybeans, seed beans, and high oil corn.

"Sub-Sahara International, Inc."

offers seed coatings and colorants and natural plant amendments for organic or reduced pesticide farming and gardening.

"Sulky Burel"

Specializing in seed sowing and fertilizing.

"supply beans,nuts,kernels from China"

Supply you high quality and suitable price on Beans (Soy Beans, Mung Beans, Red Kidney Beans, White Kidney Beans), Pumpkin Seed Kernels, Pine Nut Kernels, Sunflower Seed Kernels from China by a hardworking girl. \n \nAmerican Eagle China food products Co. Ltd has been operating in China since 1984. Via our own network we plant our own products or buy our products directly from farmers where we implement our first quality control. The product is then sorted, cleaned, and processed in our own HACCP plants. \n \nShould any of our products meet your demand, please doní»t hesitate to connect me anytime. It will be my pleasure to cooperate with your company. \n \nSky \n \nTEL:0086-411-7631018 \nFAX:0086-411-7631910 \nprccomsaa1@aefpg.com

"Tecomate Seed Company"

specializes in seeds to grow nutritious food plots for deer and other wildlife.

"Temme Pioneer Seed"

Certified crop advisor and sales rep for Pioneer Brand Products, also dealer for Friesen bulk seed handling equipment, auctioneer and licensed real estate agent - plus farm equipment antiques available

"Terra Industries Inc."

marketer and producer of crop inputs - nitrogen fertilizer, crop protection products, seed and services.

"Thompson Seeds"

experience in soybean variety research, development and sales.

"TJ Teague (SA) Pty Ltd"

international seed and grain brokerage company trading a wide range of seeds for sowing and edible cereals and pulses from Australia.

"Triumph Seed Company"

produces and markets corn, grain sorghum, sunflower, forage and soybean seed.

"True North Seed Potato Co."

Growers of seed potatoes available for resale.

"Wensman Seed Company"

markets primarily hybrid corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

"Wilco farmers"

Grower-owned cooperative providing grass seed processing and marketing, agronomy products and services, and more.

"Willcross seed"

Group of six regional seed companies associated for the purpose of providing high quality field seeds to farmers through a dealer network.

"Wyffels Hybrids, Inc"

committed to providing top quality seed corn, high oil corn, alfalfa and specialty corns to Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin.

"Yetter Farm Equipment"

Makers of products for creating seedbeds with coulter technology, managing residue, fertilizing into the root zone, and handling seed.

"Zeraim Gedera"

Markets and produces vegetable and field crops seeds.

"Zulueta Co."

Native and wild seeds, and plants for revegetation, reclamation, environment, management and erosion control.

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