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"Abell Pest Control Inc"
serving Canada and Detroit, offering innovative technology to the food and healthcare industries and professional home service care since the 1920s.


makers of flying insect control systems.


AgraQuest is a new Natural Product Pesticide/ Ag Biotech Company in Davis, CA.

"Agrimag Srl"

Production ofInsecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides, Fertilizers, Coajutant, and other products for agricolture.

"Agro-K Corporation"

manufacturer of biological and chemical agriculture products, including pesticides/fungicides and drug free/hormone free feed additives.


manufacturer and supplier of insecticides, disinfectants, veterinary products.

"Agtrol International"

products include fungicides and plant growth regulators.

"Aipa Sas"

Disinfestation and rat extermination


mosquito controlling larvicide with methoprene - an insect growth regulator(IGR)that interferes with a mosquitoes development.

"Antec International Ltd."

manufactures disinfectants, insecticides, sanitizers, and veterinary supplies for the agriculture and horticulture markets.

"Arbico Organics"

Supplies organic gardening, farming and biological pest and weed control products, including beneficial insects, fly parasites, traps, pheromone lures, natural insecticides and fertilizers.

"ARS chemical Ltd."

Specializes in the manufacture of insecticides; products include mosquito coils, liquids and sprays, and rat poison. (Thailand)

"Atlantic Pty Ltd"

Supplies organic insecticides, fungicides, fertilisers, and crop sprays to the floriculture, agriculture, intensive horticulture and orchard industries.

"B&G Equipment Company"

manufacturer of quality sprayers including custom labeling for the consumer and professional industries.

"Bell Environmental Services"

pesticide free pest control services to the food service industry, health care industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and computer room facilities.

"Bengal chemical Inc."

Developer and manufacturer of insecticides and rodenticides.

"Bicco Agro Products"

offers bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, and micronutrients.


plant doctors on call to help gardeners and growers avoid harsh pesticides and use the least toxic products more successfully.

"Bird Shield Repellent Corporation"

developing technology that reduces the negative impact of birds in agriculture, industry, and city parks.



"Cardinal Chemical Co."

sells fumigation and fogging insecticides, safety products, and rodent control items.

"Chimiberg Srl"

Phytosanitary products and fertilizers

"Circle One INT. Inc."

Manufacturer of natural and organic fertilizers, biological insecticides, seaweed, fish emulsion, and humic acids for sustainable agriculture, home lawn and garden.

"Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management"

provides consultation and contract mosquito control services to governmental, public health, commercial and residential clients.

"Cofarm Srl"

Disinfectancts, insectscides, sprays, disifenction products

"Cooper Mill Ltd"

distributor of biological and chemical products for insect and vegetation management. Special emphasis on insect pheromones and monitoring tools.

"CWC Chemical"

distributor and manufacturer of herbicides, adjuvants, tree growth regulators, and more.

"D'Orta Spa"

Land reclamation strategies

"Dead Duck Decoys"

provides safe, humane solution for nuisance Canada geese.

"Eagle-1 Manufacturing"

manufacturer of solar powered lighting and water distribution systems as well as agricultural/pest control sprayers.

"Ensystex Corporation"

manufactures the Exterra termite bait system.

"EnviroSafe Labs"

manufactures Citrex fire ant killer.

"Fax S.A."

leader in fertlizers, pest control systems, herbicides, plant growing regulators.


Manufacturers of Sta-Green, Greenskote, Parker, TruGreen and other fertilizers, plant food, weed killers, insecticides, and more.

"FMC - Agricultural Products Group - Insecticides"

FMC offers a complete line of high performance insecticides for pest control. Includes information for pest management professionals.

"FMC speicalty products business"

Manufacturer of agricultural products for pest control operators: termiticides, miticides, insecticides and baits.

"Giovanni Bonzaghi"

a trader specialized in the sales of Insect Exterminating, Fungicides, Pesticides.

"Green Mountain Co. Ltd."

Products include pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, planting media, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

"Greentek Pest Services Inc."

Offers indoor and outdoor residential pest control services. Also installs irrigation systems.

"H. D. Hudson Manufacturing Company"

maker of sprayers and dusters for commercial and residential use.

"Hedley Technologies, Inc."

protection against insect infestation in stored grain without malathion, insecticide, phosphine, methyl bromide.

"India Pesticides"

Pesticides Chemicals for public health

"Insect Investigations Ltd."

innovative insect pest control techniques and products and the supplier of high quality contract entomological services to the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industry.


industrial and commercial grade insect light traps that provide safe pest control alternative to pesticides.

"Jiangsu Institute of Economes"

Manufactures herbicides, insecticides, plant growth regulators, and insect pheromones as well as chemical intermediates.


COC WP 50 and Technical an insectiside.

"Lester Humphrey Pest Control Service"

serving West Texas with locations in Abilene, San Angelo, Odessa, Lubbock and Kerrville.

"Lifa Srl"

Phytosanitary Gardening Fertilizers Pesticides Agriculture

"Luxembourg Industries"

manufactures crop protection products, industrial and fine chemicals.

"March Biological"

Every pest has a natural enemy, the key to successful pest control is to identify the pest and it's natural enemy, releasing the Beneficial Insect early when pest levels are low and let nature take it's course.

"Natural Neem Based Insecticides/Bio-Pesticides"

Leading exporters of neem cold pressed Oil as natural insecticides, and Azadirachtin technical Powder/Extracts as Bio-Pesticides.

"Novartis Crop Protection, Inc."

Supplier of agricultural chemicals, including fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, seed treatment, and turf and ornamental products.

"Nuova Chimica Elbana Sas"

Wholesaler of chimical products


Automatic aereosol dispenser, deodorants and inseticide aerosol, light fly trap

"Phero Tech Inc."

provides insect pest management products, services and technical support for the arboriculture and agriculture industries.

"Qualls Agricultural Laboratory"

providing field laboratory services exclusively for the pesticide industry.

"Reed-Joseph International Company"

utilizing sound and movement for dispersal of pests from urban and agricultural areas.

"Roebic Laboratories, Inc."

developing specialized products for wastewater treatment, agriculture, and bio-pesticide applications.


manufacturer of agrochemicals.

"Soil Technologies"

Soil Technologies Corporation has been a pioneer in the development, manufacture and marketing of biorational pest management and plant growth promoting products used in agricultural and horticultural crop production.

"Southern Agriculture Insecticides Inc."

Fertlizers and pesticides for gardens, farms, greenhouses, and golf courses, as well as AG-related links.

"Stillson Service"

fly control for the dairy and ag industries. Service on misting type pest control systems.

"Stonehill Sheep Services"

HI-FLO jetter eliminates blo fly.

"The Beneficial Insect Company"

manage pest insects and mites with ladybugs, praying mantids, and green lacewings.

"Valent USA Corporation"

develops and markets products that protect crops, enhance yields, and improve food quality.


Inseticide and disinfectants for agricultural use


Our abrasive beams scratch and inoculate targeted plants with minute amounts of undiluted herbicides. The most rugged weeds die first. WeedSweep brush applicators can kill all vegetation.

"Zamboni Snc"


"Zapi Spa"

Chemical Industries - Products for agriculture, house and gardening

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