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The Alternative Agricultural Research and Commercialization (AARC) Corporation is a wholly-owned government corporation of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


ACEIS is Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's "one stop" electronic information service.


Welcome to the official links page of the National Department of Agriculture,the Provincial Departments of Agriculture and the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) in South Africa.

"Agricultural Policy Analysis Center"

APAC studies the impacts of alternative policies & changing economic conditions, on agriculture. We work to get analytical results quickly into the hands of farmers, legislators and others in agriculture.

"Agricultural Trade and Marketing Information Center"

Agricultural Trade & Marketing Contacts Information Products Calendar of Events The Agricultural Trade and Marketing Information Center (ATMIC) of the National Agricultural Library (NAL)

"Agriculture and Environment Department. Gobierno de Aragón (Spain)"

Agriculture, livestock, food, wine, environment conservation, statistical, research, hunting, fishing, pests... (in Spanish).

"Agriculture and Natural Resources Online"

Welcome to ANRO Agriculture and Natural Resources Online A document and research in progress indexing information service. (Australia)

"Agriculture, Cattle, Fisheries Ministry of Uruguay"

Journal of Agricultural activities, development and social policies, forestry, dairy, extension etc. of the Minisitry of Agric. Cattle and Fisheries of Uruguay.

"Agrolink Homepej"

Agrolink network was developed in-house to provide information via the internet linking its four Departments, seven Agencies and twelve Integrated Agricultural Development Projects, providing information on Malaysia's agricultural production.

"Alaska Division Of Agriculture"

The Division of Agriculture is a one-stop center for Alaska agriculture, promoting opportunities for local producers and marketers of food, fiber, landscaping, and revegetation materials.

"Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development"

The Offical Website of Alberta Agricultural, Food and Rural Development.


Department of USA Agriculture and Livestock

"Animal Health in Australia"

The National Animal Health Information System (NAHIS) provides statistics and information about animal health in Australia.


United States Department of Agriculture Marketing and Regulatory Programs APHIS' Mission, Activities, and Organization.

"Arizona Department of Agriculture"

Welcome to the Arizona Department of Agriculture's home page!

"Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service"

Covers Australian quarantine and inspection issues such as import and export conditions for food, animals, plants and grains, air and sea travel, research, quarantine alerts, and a schools kit containing lesson plans

"Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry"

The Homepage of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (BMLF) offers information on agriculture, forestry, water-management and foodstuffs in German and English.

"British Potato Council"

Supporting development, research and education of British potatoes.

"Bundesministerium für Landwirtschaft und Forsten"

The Homepage of the Deutch Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

"California Department of Food and Agriculture"

With an agricultural production value near $27billion, California is home to the largest agriculture economy in the United States.

"California EPA"

Department of Pesticide Regulation Home Page.

"Canadian Grain Commission"

Canadian Grain Commission

"Colorado Department Of Agriculture"

Colorado Department Of Agriculture

"Connecticut Department of Agriculture"

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture's mission is to foster a healthy economic, environmental and social climate for agriculture by developing, promoting and regulating agricultural businesses.

"CSIRO Animal Health"

Providing Australia with diagnostic services, research, and advice on all animal health issues.

"Departament d'Agricultura, Ramaderia i Pesca de la Generalitat"

Page Information about agriculture and fishing in Catalunya, Spain.

"Department of Agriculture"

Home Page of Dipartment of agriculture in South Africa

"Department of Natural Resources & Environment"

Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Victoria, Australia

"Department of Natural Resources Queensland"

Department of Natural Resources Queensland On-Line

"Department of primary industries,water and environment"

DEPARTMENT of PRIMARY INDUSTRIES, WATER and ENVIRONMENT providing leadership in the sustainable development and conservation of Tasmania's resources.

"Division of Agriculture, Nevada"

Dept. of Business & Industry


State Institute for Quality Control of Agricultural Products.


Agriculture Department, Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations.

"Farm Agency Service"

USDA, FSA News and Information Web Page

"Farm Bill Extension Paper"

1995 Farm Bill Extension Papers The 1995 Farm Bill will be written, debated and finalized during the next several months.

"Federal Office and Research Centre for Agriculture"

The largest office and research station of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Austria.

"Florida Department of Agriculture"

This site helps Florida farmers more effectively market their commodities and informs consumers about the wholesomeness, variety and availability of Florida agricultural products.

"Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations"

Leading source of info on agricultural production, trade, food security.

"Food And Drug Administration"

Home Page for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

"Food Development Centre"

FDC offers a full range of food product research and development services including: sensory analysis, nutritional analysis and labelling, food safety and shelf life testing, and full pilot plant production facilities.

"Forest Resource & Agrifoods"

Department of Forest Resources & Agrifoods Minister of Forest Resources & Agrifoods Department in Canada.

"Georgia Department of Agriculture"

The Georgia Department of Agriculture take our responsibilities to you very seriously and are committed to providing superior agricultural products.

"House Committee on agriculture"

U.S. House Committee on Agriculture, advocate and information source for the producer.

"Idaho Department of Agriculture"

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture ISDA Home Page.

"Indiana Commissioner of Agriculture"

Indiana Commissioner of Agriculture

"Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture"

Homepage of The Ministry of Agriculture of The Republic of Indonesia.


Ministry of agriculture in Chile

"Iowa Department of AGriculture"

Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Homepage

"Japanese Ministry of Agriculture"

Japanese Ministry of Agriculture

"Kansas Department of Agriculture"

Kansas Department of Agriculture Office of the Secretary

"Ken County"

Ken County Agricultural Commissioner

"Kentucky Department of Agriculture"

KDA Division Quick Finder Choose a Division Animal Health Dairy Promotion.

"Korean Rural Department"

Ministry of Agriculture in South Korea

"Louisiana Department of Agriculture"

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for administering.

"Maine Department of Agriculture"

This site contains information about the State of Maine's Department of Agriculture.

"Maine Exchange"

Northern Maine Recreation is your Internet source for a premier Internet Community in Northern Maine

"Maine Potato Board"

Our potatoes are packed to stricter than USDA #1 quality standards, clean, sprout and bruise free, selected for uniform size

"Maryland Department of Agriculture"

Maryland Department of Agriculture Providing leadership and support to agriculture and the citizens of Maryland through regulation, services, and education

"Massachussetts Department of Agriculture"

Home Page for the Massachusetts Dpeartment of Food and Agriculture featuring information about programs and services including dairying, pesticides, farmers' markets and animal health.

"Michigan Department Of Agriculture"

MDA's Main Page Search MDA About MDA Divisions Phone Numbers Job Opportunities Ag Commission.

"Michighan Department of Agriculture"

Michighan Department of Agriculture

"Ministério da Agricultura e do Abastecimento"

Ministry of agriculture of Brasil

"Ministère de l'Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l'Alimentation du Québec"

Ministry of agriculture; fishing and alimentation of Quebec.

"Ministerio de agricultura de Perù"

Ministry of agriculture of Perù

"Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Alimentación -Guatemala-"

Ministry of agriculture of Guatemala.

"Ministry of agriculture & rural affairs in Turkey"

Site of Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Affairs of Republic of Turkey, Animal Health Information System. Contains information about animal health in Turkey.

"Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic"

Official home page of the Slovak Ministry of Agriculture. This site contents informations about agriculture, forestry, food industry, water management, legislative, agricultural companies in Slovak Republic.

"Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food"

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF) is the UK Department of State primarily concerned with the food chain

"Ministry of Agriculture, New Zealand"

Comprehensive database of New Zealand agriculture, horticulture and forestry information.

"Minnesota Department of agriculture"

Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture home page.

"Missisipi department of agriculture"

Missisipi department of agriculture

"National Agricultural Library"

The National Agricultural Library (NAL), part of the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is one of four National Libraries in the United States. NAL is a major international source for agriculture and related information.

"ND department of agriculture"

North Dakota Department of agriculture

"Nebraska department of agriculture"

Nebraska department of agriculture

"New Hampshire department of agriculture"

New Hampshire department of agriculture

"New Mexico department of agriculture"

Home page for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture

"North Carolina Department of Agriculture"

Provides agronomic information and testing services to all North Carolina citizens (soil tests, nematode assays, and plant/waste/solution analyses).

"Nothern territory department of agriculture"

Intranet server for the Northern Territory Department of Lands, Planning and Environment in Australia

"Nova Scotia department of agriculture"

The Marketing and Food Industry Development Branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Marketing focuses on value-adding and export readiness.

"NSW Agriculture"

New South Wales Department of Agriculture is committed to helping the NSW food and fibre industries and our rural communities to be economically viable and environmentally sustainable.

"NYS department of agriculture"

New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.

"Oficina de Estudios y Políticas Agrarias"

Laboratory of agriculture in Chile

"Ohio department of agriculture"

Ohio department of agriculture

"Oklahoma department of agriculture"

This is the site of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture.

"Ontario ministry of natural resources"

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources Home Page

"Oregon department of agriculture"

Jumping off point for the Oregon Department of Agriculture

"Oregon Hop Commission"

Oregon Hop Commission

"Pennsylvania department of agriculture"

Pennsylvania department of agriculture


Home page for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - Australia.



"Service Régional de la Protection des Végétaux (SRPV)"

Ministry of agriculture of France

"South Carolina department of agriculture"

South Carolina department of agriculture

"South Dakota department of agriculture"

South Dakota department of agriculture


includes soybean resources, organizations, and other information.

"Tasmanian department of agriculture"

Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment The Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries has now been amalgamated with the Department of Environment of New Zealand


Teagasc is Ireland's national Agriculture and Food Development Authority. It is responsible for providing research, advisory and training services for Ireland's agriculture and food industry.

"Tennesse department of agriculture"

Tennesse department of agriculture

"Texas department of agriculture"

Texas department of agriculture

"Thailand ministry of agriculture"

Thailand ministry of agriculture

"U. S. D. A. National Forage and Turf Seed Research Center"

Research facility dedicated to the production of turf and forage grasses, small seeded legumes and seed conditioning expertise for all types of seeds.

"U.S. Census Bureau"

Census Of Agriculture

"United States Department Of Agriculture"

Remember These Egg Safety Tips This Easter Cooked eggs, including hard-boiled eggs, and egg-containing foods should not sit out for more than two hours.

"Uruguay ministry of agriculture"

Uruguay ministry of agriculture

"Utah department of agriculture"

Utah department of agriculture

"Vermont department of agriculture"

The Vermont Department of Agriculture regulates and promotes agriculture in Vermont

"Virginia department of agriculture"

Info on livestock marketing, consumer issues, plant and pest services, pesticide services, food distribution, food safety, news releases, agribusiness, domestic and international marketing.

"Wyoming department of agriculture"

Wyoming department of agriculture

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