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"Advanced Equine Products"
importer of Zilco synthetic driving harnesses to the U.S. and Canada. Also carries Eurotech harness pads and other accessories.

"Alabama's Sipsey Horse Supply"

supplies for horses, horse saddles, protective horse gear, boots, and other equine products.

"Allys International"

exporter of leather goods, saddlery and other horse riding equipment.

"Ameri Stall"

manufactures steel horse barns, stall components, and arenas.

"Anvil Brand Shoe Company"

manufactures and retails a complete line of horseshoes and farrier supplies.

"AP Services"

cheesemaking supplies and husbandry equipment for sheep, goats and cattle.

"APEIS Corporation"

facilitates permanent electronic identification for all types of animals.

"Arcaro's Saddlery, Inc"

chaps, farrier aprons along with tack and horse related products.

"Arthur Cottam & Company"

horseshoe and horseshoe nail manufacturer producing over 500 types of concave horseshoes and their own Drive-Rite horseshoe nails.

"Aruas Poultry Equipment"

offering a wide range of poultry and eggs handling equipment.

"Atlanta Saddlery"

full service tack shop specializing in hunting and the Olympic disciplines of dressage, jumping, and cross country.

"Chick Master Incubator Company"

hatchery solutions.


drip and spray cooling systems for pigs.

"DeLong Poultry Supply"

selling chicken gizzard supplies and harvesting equipment for chicken processing plants.

"Egganic Industries"

a complete coop system designed for backyards that will hold up to 12 hens.


computer control system for poultry meat production. Improves bird health, welfare, environment, meat quality, and profits.

"Frey Brothers, Inc."

offers mulch and livestock equipment.


a range of environmental weather screen systems which provide ideal housing conditions for healty productive livestock.

"Gillis Agricultural Systems"

products include weigh trac system, baby pig saver, piggy deck, and more.

"GLA Agricultural Electronics"

manufactures digital, rechargeable, electronic animal health thermometers.

"Harford Systems, Inc."

custom stainless steel and sheet metal fabrication. Also, animal conversion vehicles for the animal control industry.

"Hawkeye Steel Products, Inc."

manufacturers an energy-free waterer, top hatch incubator, and more.

"Hot-Shot Prod Company"

manufacturer of electric cattle prods and livestock handling equipment, including sorting paddles, poles, and panels.

"Imexco, Inc."

offers poultry nesting and feeding equipment, brooders, and incinerators.

"Kane Manufacturing Company, Inc."

manufacturer of heat mats, livestock nursery feeders, watering equipment, and pet products.

"Lawing Incubator Company"

offers new and used incubators.

"Maino Incubators"

offering hatch incubators.

"Metzer Farms Duck and Goose Hatchery"

suppliers of live ducks and geese, blown eggs for hobby and art, and equipment for raising birds.

"Milcare Company"

offers a horse and cow hoof trimmer for farmers.

"Multifan, Inc."

manufactures fans and controls for agricultural, industrial, and specialized ventilation needs.

"Pedercini Impianti"

specialized in the production of pig feeders, ventilation systems and cages.

"Phoenix Equipment Co."

manufacturers of incubators and hatchers for ostrich, emu, quail, pheasant and other birds.

"Powder River, Inc."

manufacturer of steel livestock handling equipment to manage cattle, horses and bison at the ranch, feedlot, sale yard, rodeo or fairgrounds.


commerce of milking machine, branding iron, heaters, \nanimal pins, brass bells, halters, livestock supply

"Quality Equipment"

pig farming products, including nursery units, MOLI supplementary milk systems, and housing systems for weaners, finishers, dry sow and farrowing accomodation.

"R&M Ostrich Farms"

buyers and sellers of ostrich. Capable of delivering all over the world.

"Sheepcovers Australia"

livestock covers.

"Suevia Haiges GmbH & Co."

producer of animal drinking bowls, frost-resistant drinkers and other animal equipment.

"Summit Ag Systems"

specializing in high tensile fencing sales and installation and livestock handling equipment.

"Sun-North Systems Ltd."

makers of natural ventilation systems for barns and livestock buildings, including hog, dairy, and poultry facilities.

"Sydell, Inc."

sheep and goat equipment including feeders, pens, cages, gates, and show stands.

"Syrvet, Inc."

manufacturer, distributor, importer, and exporter of veterinary instruments, animal health supplies, and agricultural equipment. Hablamos espanol.

"Techmark, Inc."

agricultural laboratory services and automated environmental controls and accessories.

"Temple Tag"

offers products for herd management and livestock identification, including tags, feeders, and accessories.

"Three Fork Creek Ostrich Ranch"

ranch breeding ostiches for meat, eggs, leather and other products.


MudShields eliminate mud and dirt where horses or other livestock or poultry live and work. GravelGuard protects gravel and other ground cover on trails, walkways, and driveways.

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