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Emilia Romagna Association of raisers of sheep and goats - Forlì

"Amber Waves Pygmy Goats"

features calendar of events, articles, goats for sale, and more.

"Anala Goat Company"

We breed and sell the finest Black, Red and Paint Boer Goats.We also buy and sell commercial goats for the Houston, Texas market.

"BAckyard Buddies"

Included in the site are pictures of the authors' herd, herd sires, herd dams, and links to other pygmy goat information sites and other breeders.

"Bayview Ranch"

Member of the American Dairy Goat Association, District Director District approved Dairy Goat Judge,

"Bethel Goat Farm"

Established since 1978, this company is the source for GTO, LeMans and Tempest parts that are no longer available from dealers and are not reproduced. Inventory covers the years 1964 to 1972.

"Black Diamond Goats"

Breeders of registered Nubian and Boer goats . Goats for sale.

"Boer Goats"

At Cow Creek Farm we raise registered Boer goats. Our goal is to breed our herd into fine, long, heavy muscled Boer goats for show, and breeding stock

"Breezy Meadow Farm"

We raise Cashmere goats, Boer goats, Shetland sheep, and Maremma livestock guardian dogs.

"Brock Boer Goats"

Brock Boer Farm is dedicated to breeding and raising top quality registered Boer Goats for sale.Pictures and prices ...

"Broken Arrow Ranch"

South African and New Zealand goats.

"Buckeroo Nigerian Dwarf Goats"

Nigerian Dwarf Show Goats, top bloodline

"Classic Pygmies"

breeding pygmy goats with a blend of tradition and progress for showing, breeding, or just pets.

"Daworth''s Pygmy Goats"

pictures of show goats, does, goats for sale, herd sires, as well as farm history.

"DDk Goats"

"Double "O" Ranch"

Located in the Texas Hill Country, Double O Ranch is the home of premier boer goats.

"Fainting Goats"

"What are fainting goats?" you ask? Well, I am glad you did. Fainting goats are slightly smaller than regular goats, and- believe it or not- through a genetic abnormality, actually faint when they are scared.

"Fias Co-Farm"

Fias Co Farm concentrates on graphic design, raising LaMancha dairy goats and cheesemaking. We create custom designed logos and web pages. Info on these subjects as well as: recipes; graphics portfolio; homesteading; goatmilk soap.

"Goat Kingdom"

Goat Kingdom has over 700 goat farm links and over 400 goat information links.

"Hawks Mountain Ranch"

Thank you for visiting Hawks Mountain Ranch. We raise these wonderful and friendly goats for show, fun and fiber.

"Hill Shepherd"

white and colored angora goats, mohair, sheep, working border collies. Breeding stock and information about the colored angora registry.

"Hilltop Ranch"

Based in Texas, Hilltop Ranch breeds and sells fullblood and percentage Boer goats. At the company's site, you can view photos of the goats and get details about purchasing the animals.

"Jack Anita Mauldin Boer Goat"

Focused on the Boer Goat Industry, health management, shows and sales

"K''s Heavenly Hill"

offers show does, herd sires, show results, and available animals.

"KLS Boer Goats"

Boer goat and meat goat sales and management information. Includes photographs and price lists with pedigree information. Also offering web site design for agriculture and other businesses.

"Lake Country Saanens"

breeding Saanen dairy goat stock for consistency and type. Goats and semen available.

"Lillie Hill Farm Meat Goats"

Get the skinny on goats that are good for meat and other live pursuits. Details on breeding and care are online. Border collies are also included.

"Liner Farm"

We raise Pygora goats and process their fiber. We also sell processed Icelandic wool.


Rooney Family Ranch, raising dairy goats and meat goats

"Mauldin''s Boer Goat Page"

includes Boer goat industry information about health, shows, sales, and more.

"Mesa Ridge Ranch"

Mesa Ridge Ranch breeds and sells miniature donkeys, llamas, boer goats, cattle, game birds and other exotics. Pictures and histories are given of breeds origins.

"Mohair Australia Limited"

organisation for the mohair fibre and angora goat industries.

"Oak Haven Farm"

features animals for sale, new arrivals, and history.

"Over The Reainbow Farm"

Miniature dairy goats, breeding for top quality show stock. We introduce our herd.

"Pinecreek Farm"

Pinecreek farm provides quality mohair, spinning wheels and information on angora goats

"Poison Ivy Acres"

does, current stock, herd history, and links.

"Pride of Texas"

Nigerian dwarf goat.Miniature milking goat. We take pride in the high standards we have set for quality breeding for show and pets.Our web page is dedicated to promoting the animals that we love and raise.

"Prime Boer Meat Goats"

We raise prime boer meat and breeding goats on a farm 45 minutes from New York City.

"Promisedland Nigerian Dwarf Goats"

Show quality Nigerian Dwarf goats

"Rafter M Ranch"

Has genetically superior South African boer goats for sale.

"Reeh Boer Goat Ranch"

Boer Goat Breeders of South African, New Zealand and Austrailian Boer Goats.

"Reiland Farm"

Located at the edge of Northwestern Pennsylvania's Allegheny National Forest, the Reiland Farm and Shoppe is the home of Don and Sharon Reiland and their happy herd of fiber producing animals Llamas, Llama Breeding,Angora Goats, and Sheep

"Rocking M Ranch"

Goats and Livestock Management software available from the Texas Hill Country ranch of Charles Sandra Mauerhan.

"Saltbox FArm"

We are located in Norton, Ohio. We breed registered pygmy goats for show quality,ease of kidding,and friendliness.

"Sand-Bur-Kids Ranch"

Specializing in Nubian goats for Dairy, Showing, and Breeding.

"Shady Creek Farms"

Full blood Boer goats located in East Bernard, Texas


Here are the girls. "Inky," my grade black ewe, with her 1995 twin ewe lambs and a bunch of freeloaders -- and here she is right after being shorn "Delilah," a Scottish Blackface ewe and her 1995 grade ram lamb twins

"Shetland Sheep at Happy J Farms"

A Texan farm specializing in Shetland Sheep and colored Angora goats.

"Solow Pygmy"

Pygmy Goat Message Board, Great Goat Links and Neat Goat Stuff!

"Starry Nights Farm"

Nubian Boer Goats for Breeding, showing, dairy, and meat.

"Stonebrook Farm"

tonebrook Farm presents Llamas for sale, pygmy goats for sale, Llamas for stud,pygmy goat buck services.

"The Goat Farmer"

This goatish site includes Internet goat resources, a searchable archive of articles and statistics, a photo library, a recipe page, a list of breeders by state, sources for goat supplies, a list of vets recommended by goat farmers, chat \nlists and more.

"Three Willows"

breeds Angora goats and produces mohair fibers. Other yarn, handmade items, and doll hair sold.

"White Egret Farm"

Have you had your baby goat fix recently? Take a look at the farm pix here, with goats in abundance. You may shop online for handmade goat-milk soap, as well as cheese, milk and meat.

"Windwhistle Farm"

specializing Shetland Sheep and naturally colored Angora goats.

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