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"American Peanuts Shellers Association"
A non-profit trade association, composed of commercial peanut shellers and crushers located in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia

"American Spoon Food"

Sells dozens of preserves, fruit spreads, vinaigrettes, dried fruits, wild nutmeats and more. Shop online for products "made from the abundant fruits grown along the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan."

"APO Ferrara"

Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers


Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers


Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producers

"Arkansas Berry & Plant Farm"

specializing in small fruits plants, berry plants, and fruit trees.

"Associated Citrus Packers, Inc."

operates an independent citrus growing, packing, and marketing business offering lemons, mandarins, tangelos, ruby and white grapefruits, pummelos, and oranges.


Fruit and Vegetable Producers Organisation

"Atlantic Blueberry Company"

privately cultivated blueberry farm. Inside this site you'll find lots of recipes and good links.

"Atwater Foods"

Eat these kiln-dried fruits as is or add them to recipes. The selection includes tart cherries, cranberries, peaches and more. Order online.

"AVT Biotechnology"

Produces and exports commercial plant tissue culture of date palms, flowers, fruits, foliage plants, and specialty crops

"Banes Groves"

will ship fresh Florida citrus anywhere in the US. Choose from over thirty diffrent gift packages.

"Bejamin Twiggs, Inc."

cherries, cherry products, and gift boxes.

"Berry Farm"

Making and supplying a range hand made jams, preserves, pickles, vinegars and wines. Sort through the complete product catalogue and order online, or just browse through the recipes.

"Berry Plants"

Florida-based growers of berry plants, shrubs, trees and hardwoods offers a sampling of berries for online ordering. Unearth facts about berry varieties or join their tree mailing list.

"Blood's Hammock Groves"

citrus grove.

"Bob's Invisi"

Have some fun and go crazy with Bob the invisible watermelon and his friends. Those with baby fruit will appreciate the helpful instructions on care and feeding in the baby fruit section.

"Bouldown Produce Ltd."

Bowldown sells strawberry runners, raspberry canes and aspaaragus crowns so you can grow your own soft fruit and asparagus with great results.

"Brandt's Fruit Trees"

Information on this company's cherry, apple and pear trees includes details for ordering.

"Breeden's Wauconda Orchards"

orchard and store offering many varieties of apples, as well as raspberries, pumpkins, and other farm products.

"Burchell Nursery"

The California company sells fruit and nut trees, as well as offering information on orchard varieties and ripening.

"Cabel Hall Citrus Limited"

producers and growers of Ugli, the tangelo from Jamaica.

"Cal Sungold Incorporated"

producers of California dates for retail, industrial, or mail order. Also offers ornamental date trees for landscaping.

"California Tropical Fruit Tree"

California Tropical Fruit Tree Nursery cultivates the finest varieties of both rare and well-known tropical fruit trees. Its tropicals are available for both wholesale and retail sales.

"Cherry Republic"

cherries: dried, chocolate covered, jams, sauces, salsas, and more.

"China Ranch Date Farm"

a family owned and operated date farm hidden away in a spectacular canyon near Tecopa, California. An ideal stop on the way to Death Valley or Las Vegas.

"Chiquita Banana"

All you ever wanted to know about America's favorite fruit, including nutritional information, trivia, job opportunities at Chiquita and business reports.

"Core Values Northeast"

provides a supportive market environment for farm products of superior taste and quality that are locally grown in the Northeast by ecologically-concerned farmers.



"Country Best"

An agricultural cooperative owned by 75,000 farmer members.

"Crain Ranch Walnuts"

Growers and packers of in-shell walnuts grown in prime California walnut region.

"Cranberry Hill Organic Farm"

growers' cooperative of a large variety of cranberries.


Fruit and Vegetables Service Centre - Chiesuol del Fosso (FE)


markets watermelons.


tomatoes that are packed and grown on the eastern shore of Maryland & Delaware with a deep sense of native pride and tradition.

"Del Desierto Dates"

growers/packers/shippers of premium medjool, deglet-noor, halawy, and zahidy dates.

"Diamond Organics"

Have fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to your door in 24 hours. If you're new to organic foods, try one of the samplers, like the grand garden salad or macrobiotic samplers.

"Duncan Family Farms"

Offers U-pick fruit and vegetables, country bakery and more.

"Durian On Line"

Devoted to the pungent Asian fruit, site includes photos, recipes, publication index, facts and figures, art and news reports.

"Engert Farms"

featuring red grapefruit and navel oranges.


California growers provide a list of their worldwide plants and trees, with directions to various locations.

"Fazio Marketing, Inc."

providing table grapes, wine grapes and dehydrated raisins from California.

"Ferris' Valley Groves"

Growers and shippers of grapefruit and other fruits.

"Fletcher's Crooked Tree Orchard"

offers pick-your-own cherries and apples in season.

"Florida Key West"

Our products contain natural juice without artificial color or flavoring, assuring you of consistent top of the line juice at all times. This is the juice that puts the lime in Key lime.

"Four Apostles' Ranch"

growers of organic medjool dates.

"Fresh Juice Co."

The organic foods lover will be happy to know that Fresh Juice has been certified as an official certified organic processor. That means that the juice is all natural -- no Hawaiian Punch here.

"Fresh Mangoes from Haiti"

exports fresh mangoes from Haiti, USDA approved and naturally cultivated.

"Fresh New Zealand"

Fresh is a private marketing and distribution company specializing in the export, import and domestic sales and \nmarketing of fresh fruit and produce. Find out more about the company here, and inquire by online form.


Fruit and Vegetable Producers - Dosso S. Agostino (Ferrara)

"Fruit Growers Supply Company"

manufacturing and supply affiliate of Sunkist Growers, Inc.

"Furman Foods"

tomato and vegetable processor manufacturing tomato, pizza and spaghetti sauce.

"General Fruit"

Fruit and Vegetable Producers - S.Pietro in Vincoli (RA)

"Gingerich Farms"

Northwestern Oregon wholesale grower, packer, & shipper of quality blueberries and hazelnuts since 1919.

"Golden Circle"

Golden Circle claims to be Australia's largest fruit and vegetable manufacturing plant. They make fruit juices and drinks, cordials, soft drinks, jams, preserves, and their specialty, pineapple. They sell fresh fruit, too. Contact them by phone or fax.

"Gray & Company"

offering maraschino cherries, cherry cordials, and fresh cherries. Includes lots of funny games and cool stuff.

"Hadley Fruit Orchards"

nuts and dried fruits from California.

"Harry & David"

Order your holiday bosc pears here! Find fruit for the discriminating health nut or just go straight for the chocolate; Harry and David has both. Enroll in the fruit-of-the-month club or pick up a gift assortment.

"Hatcher & Pecan Seed Co."

Hatchers feed and seed in the heart of pecan land.


HiStick is the brand name for a category of sterile inoculants developed by MicroBio, Limited.

"Hurst Berry Farm"

offering red, black and golden raspberries; blueberries; boysenberries; tart and sweet gooseberries; black, red and white currants.

"Indian River Groves"

Grapefruit, oranges and tangelos from Florida's famed Indian River region comprise the base upon which these edible gifts are built. Features both single and mixed fruit offerings, deluxe baskets and corporate gifts

"J.P. Beemsterboer"

World wide import/export trade company of seed potatoes, potatoes, fruit, vegetables and garlic.

"Jack & Joe's Farm"

Certified organic farm, specializing in growing several varieties of garlic as well as various fruits and vegetables.

"Jasper Wyman & Son"

grower, supplier and processor of wild blueberries, raspberies, and cranberries. Supplier of industrial, food service, and retail fruit products.

"Jerzy Boys"

small organic orchard.

"Joshua Citrus Inc."

citrus fruits from the Peace River Valley area. Gift packs also available.


Florida citrus fruit, navels, oranges, grapefruit, and tangelos.

"Kappus Farms, Inc."

deciduous fruit farm producing apples, peaches, plums, prunes, pears, cherries, and more.

"Kauai Fruit and Flowers"

shipper of fresh Island pineapple, papayas, island flowers, and custom gift baskets on Kauai.

"Keepsake Orchards"

offering a variety of apples, for shipment as gifts to friends and loved ones.

"Kendall Citrus"

lime processing and juices.

"King Sweet Cherries"

Mukai farms has exclusive to the king sweet cherry, one of the best premium cherries.

"Liapis Mediterranean Imports"

featuring Kalamata olives as well as other Greek and Mediterranean products.

"Longkou Xingfa Fruit Company"

In the middle of Aug. we ll start to export Red Star apple and Gala apple which are both suitable for the Southeast of Asia and Europe.

"M & B Products Inc."

Florida sunshine tree orange juice, grape, apple, pineapple. Agriculture and Citrus Fruit dealer. Dairy and milk products, milk shakes, deserts. USDA continuous inspected processing plant.

"Mahdya Pradesh"

Includes information on agriculture, fruits, vegetable, and farming.

"Malee Sampran Public Co."

The company operates as a manufacturer and distributor of canned fruits, fruit juices and canned foods products. Fruits juices include pineapple, lychee, guava, mango, passion fruit, orange, apple and grape.

"Matson Fruit Company"

grower and shipper of Washington State apples.

"Maury Island Farm"

Jams, jellies and preserves are made by this shop the old-fashioned way and are available for ordering the new-fashioned way over the Internet.


Fresh fruit and vegetables and frozen soft fruits

"Medina Garvey, S.A."

exporter of a variety of green and black olives.


Macro commercial organzization

"Met West Agribusiness"

Sunmet Label. Granny Smith apples, stone fruit, grapes, and almonds.

"Mid-Atlantic Regional Fruit Loop"

The goal of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Fruit Loop is to provide links to information resources that are useful to commercial fruit producers, county and regional agricultural agents, fruit industry professionals, master gardeners and home orchardists.

"Mountain Blue Blueberry Orchard"

specialises in research and nursery propagation of low-chill Southern Highbush blueberries.

"Muir Glen"

offers organic tomato products.

"Napa Valley Juice Co."

Nonalcoholic sparkling and still juices sold over the Internet.

"Naturipe Berry Growers, Inc"

company info with products, merchandise, recipes, nutritional info and related links.

"New Fruit"

Providing new varieties of fruit to growers.

"Northland Cranberries"

Wisconsin company is the largest grower of cranberries and makes a line of 100% cranberry-based fruit juice blends.


An online catalog of fresh citrus juicers from the Italian manufacturer.

"Ore - Asia"

Oregon grown Asian pears.

"P-R Farms"

highly diversified growing, packing and shipping farm operation.

"Pacific Coast Tropical Gardens"

Retailer of seeds of subtropical and tropical ornamentals, fruits, herbs, palms, rare and unusual species; and related books.

"Pear Technology"

Easy to use comprehensive software for Crop Management/Assurance, Agronomy, Farm/Estate Mapping.

"Pell's Citrus & Nursery"

grower, packer, and shipper of quality citrus fruit. Send some Florida Sunshine to yourself, your family, and your friends.

"Pense Nursery"

offering many varieties of grapevines, berries, and other small fruit plants.

"Perman Co."

Pearman Corporation Serving Agricultural Producers

"Pittman & Davis"

tree-ripened fruit, specialty items, and gifts.

"Poinsettia Groves"

all varieties of quality citrus to choose from. Order online.

"Rocky Mountain Fruit"

offers tree ripened, organic apples, and pears from family farms located on the high mesas of western Colorado.

"Sand Hill Berries"

A small farm specializing in red raspberries, currants, blackberries, gooseberries and strawberries sells packaged fruit online.

"Santa Barbara Olive Co."

growing and curing homegrown olives.

"Saw Palmetto Trading Company"

supplier of saw palmetto berries and extract to manufacturers around the world.

"Scalzo Foods Industries"

Australia's largest privately owned wholesale food supplier offers many varieties of dried fruit and dehydrated vegetables. If you don't find the product you need, send an e-mail request for it.

"Seaview Date Garden"

growers and packers of medjool dates in the desert area of Southern California.

"Seeka Kiwifruit Industries"

kiwifruit harvest and post-harvest management company with orchards and operations throughout the Bay of Plenty.

"Shawnee Springs"

sells canned peaches, apple sauces and siders.

"Simmons Berry Farm"

Specialize in berry plants, grapevines and small fruit plants.

"Slayman & Reed, Inc."

makers of pomegranate and artichoke products, including juice, vinegars, preserves, and more.


The Solemilia Group was founded when five fruit and vegetable co-operatives from Emilia- Romagna merged.

"South Tex Organics"

organically grown oranges and grapefruit shipped within the Continental US.

"Stark Packing Corporation"

grower, packer, and shipper of California citrus.

"Statford Park"

Breeders of Hannovarian sportshorses. Also grow graps, lavender, mustards, and fruit and nuts.

"Sun World"

Offers branded fresh fruits and vegetables.


Sun-dried raisins are a basic natural food and the most concentrated, commonly available fruit source for cooking and baking.

"Sunbean Foods"

Based in Australia, SunBeam Foods deals in dried fruit. Each product page offers a description of the fruit, storage instructions and additive information.

"Sunfresh Fruit"

chilled, frozen and canned non-pasteurized citrus and tropical fruit.

"Swanton Berry Organic Farm"

organic strawberry farm that uses union labor practices.

"The Indian River Gift Fruit Company"

Indian River - where we grow our world famous Oranges and Grapefruit.

"The Olive Connection"

offering thiry-nine flavors of whole, stuffed, or pitted olives.

"Tropical Fruit"

Devoted to the exotic fruits that grow in Hawaii, this informative site touches on the myth of the pomegranite, the best way to freeze a mango, innovations in banana cuisine along with a healthy crop of other juicy tidbits.


Tropicana is a leading producer and marketer of branded fruit juices. Visit this site to read details about the health benefits of orange juice, find out more about Tropicana's variety of juices and link to Tropicana's business Web site.

"Turbana Corporation"

Company history, banana and plantain facts, and recipes from a banana growers' cooperative based in Colombia.

"Twinhill Ranch"

apples, apple bread, pies, jams, and more.

"UC Fruit & Nut Center"

The U.C. Fruit & Nut Research and Information Center provides a focal point for disseminating fruit and nut crop information to clientele both inside and outside the University, and establishes linkages with new clientele.


Exporters and importers of all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables.

"Vero-Best Farms"

Organic grown citrus.

"Virginia Carolina Peanuts"

Producers of peanuts in Virginia.


fresh and fresh frozen fruit, providing summer prizes all year long.

"West Meadows Farm"

Vermont apple orchard that produces fruit using alternative pest controls and as few pesticides as possible. Fresh squeezed cider and pick-your-own apples in season.

"Western Date Ranches, L.P"

grower/shipper of premium medjool dates.

"Willamette Farms"

produces Braeburn, Fuji, and Gala varieties of apples.

"Wishnatzki & Nathel"

packer/shipper/grower of strawberries and vegetables.

"Zas International"

Fruits, vegetables and herbs from Holland.

"Zoria Farms"

Since 1921, Zoria Farms in California has been producing dried fruit, nuts and chocolates. Tour the photo gallery, buy from the online store or get some great recipes.

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